Corsica Joins The Nation Network

Updated: January 11, 2018 at 12:23 am by Nation World HQ


We are pleased to announce a new partnership between the Nation Network and Corsica.

Corsica was founded and is operated by Emmanuel Perry, one of the brightest young minds in hockey analytics. Corsica is renowned in the hockey analytics community for not only second-to-none player statistics and tools for analysis, but also progressive research in advancing the way in which we understand the sport. This new partnership with Manny and his website will bring all of that specialized data and research to our readers at the Nation Network.

As multiple stats websites have shut down over the summer, many of our writers (and people in the hockey community everywhere, really) expressed concern over their ability to produce content moving forward without access to the data they were familiar with. Working with Manny and Corsica will ensure that the hockey community will continue to have access to an incredible database of information for years to come.

The Nation Network is committed to offering the best hockey coverage online, including access to advanced analytics, and partnering with Corsica will allow us to keep the gold standard for advanced analysis available to the public. This partnership is an important step for our network as we continue to grow and search for opportunities to provide our readers with varied content and show our commitment to the advancement of analytics in hockey.

Corsica is a leader in the analytics community and we are lucky to have the opportunity to bring the site into the Nation Network. Joining forces with Corsica will greatly enhance our current content base and will help us to introduce new features that will improve the overall reading experience at all of our sites.

We are thrilled to publicly announce this new deal that sees our network add a significant new piece for our readers and level of expertise behind the scenes.