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For over 10 years, NHL Numbers has been providing real-time salary cap information and advanced hockey statistics. Check out our free agent list that tracks all free agents, their salary cap and their free agent status. We also track all free agent signings throughout the year and identify the needs of each NHL team. If you have a statistic or salary cap need, we can help.

Team Team Stats Team Forwards Defense Goalies
Name Cap Hit Bonus Cushion LTIR Replacement Cap Space Players Signed Avg Age Cap Hit Cap % Cap Hit Cap % Cap Hit Cap %
Anaheim Ducks ANA $74.4M $1.6M $2.8M $4.9M 20 28.2 yrs $46.1M 62.0% $17.1M 23.0% $4.3M 5.8%
Arizona Coyotes ARI $62.1M $3.2M $0.0M $16.0M 18 25.5 yrs $28.4M 45.7% $22.6M 36.4% $1.6M 2.5%
Boston Bruins BOS $76.0M $1.3M $1.1M $1.5M 16 26.9 yrs $44.8M 59.0% $18.1M 23.8% $8.2M 10.8%
Buffalo Sabres BUF $76.3M $5.6M $0.0M $4.3M 15 26.7 yrs $41.5M 54.3% $25.2M 33.0% $6.5M 8.5%
Calgary Flames CAL $75.0M $2.1M $0.0M $2.1M 14 27.2 yrs $39.1M 52.2% $26.1M 34.8% $5.1M 6.8%
Player Player Stats Player Cap Number Salary
Name No. Nationality Team Position 17/18 18/19 17/18 18/19 19/20 20/21 21/22
Jonathan Toews J. Toews 19 Chicago Blackhawks CHI Center C $10.5M $10.5M $13.8M $12M $9.8M $7M $6.9M
Patrick Kane P. Kane 88 Chicago Blackhawks CHI Right Wing RW $10.5M $10.5M $13.8M $12M $9.8M $7M $6.9M
Anze Kopitar A. Kopitar 11 Los Angeles Kings LAK Center C $10M $10M $13M $12M $11M $8M $8M
Alex Ovechkin A. Ovechkin 8 Washington Capitals WAS Left Wing LW $9.538M $9.538M $10M $10M $10M $10M
Evgeni Malkin E. Malkin 71 Pittsburgh Penguins PIT Center C $9.5M $9.5M $9.5M $9.5M $9.5M $9.5M $9.5M
Player Pos Team FA Status Cap Hit Salary Player Notes
Joe Thornton J. Thornton C San Jose Sharks SJS UFA $8.0M $8.0M A future Hall of Famer and one of the best passers of all time. He can still contribute in a top-six role.
Rick Nash R. Nash LW New York Rangers NYR UFA $7.8M $8.2M A former All-Star calibre sniper who can still produce in a top-six role.
Daniel Sedin D. Sedin LW Vancouver Canucks VAN UFA $7.0M $7.0M A future Hall of Fame forward who will only play with his brother Henrik.
Henrik Sedin H. Sedin C Vancouver Canucks VAN UFA $7.0M $7.0M A future Hall of Fame forward who will only play with his brother Daniel.
Paul Stastny P. Stastny C St Louis Blues STL UFA $7.0M $7.5M A solid two-way, top-six centre at the NHL level.
Nikita Kucherov N. Kucherov Tampa Bay Lightning TBL 58 31 45 76 13 32 20 10 5 22 0 0 0 204 0.152
Johnny Gaudreau J. Gaudreau Calgary Flames CAL 58 19 49 68 18 10 9 13 3 17 0 0 0 171 0.1111
Steven Stamkos S. Stamkos Tampa Bay Lightning TBL 58 23 44 67 18 22 46 23 13 15 0 0 0 160 0.1438
Evgeni Malkin E. Malkin Pittsburgh Penguins PIT 55 32 34 66 6 53 31 19 13 16 0 0 0 172 0.186
Connor McDavid C. McDavid Edmonton Oilers EDM 56 23 43 66 11 24 19 34 4 10 0 3 0 180 0.1278

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