Report: Cap to remain flat next season

Updated: February 1, 2017 at 1:01 pm by Zach Laing

According to Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman, the NHL’s salary cap will be remaining flat next year.

In Wednesday’s 30 thoughts article, the news was lost in the fray of a busy All-Star weekend. Following his formal media conference, Gary Bettman discussed the salary cap saying that while nothing is official, it appears that the league is heading to a flat cap for next season. 

The league has seen a steady increase in its salary cap totals since it was introduced in 2005-2006 at $39 million. If the cap remains flat as reported, this will be the first time the cap has not increased year-over-year.

Currently, the NHL’s salary cap provides a lower limit of $54 million, with an upper limit of $73 million. 

Citing concerns over escrow, it was clear that these conversations have been a battle behind the scenes. 

The players have a clear desire to lower escrow ratings. Currently, the NHL sits at 15.5 percent escrow, well above the NBA’s 10 percent escrow. 

Lawyer Richard Rodier, who worked with the NHLPA between 2011 and 2015 is on one side of the dispute while Donald Fehr, who leads the NHLPA, is on the other. 

According to Friedman, Rodier sent out an email to agents, players and divisional representatives stating that he had information on revenue claims that “could decrease escrow deduction by 25-35 percent.” Rodier also says there are HRR claims that could have the ability to raise roughly $400 million to be shared among NHL players.

While Fehr and Rodier continued to battle back and forth over mass emails, Friedman noted that it’s possible for impartial mediation to occur to get things settled. 

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