Waiting for Gaudreau: The biggest contracts in Calgary Flames history

Updated: September 8, 2016 at 8:00 am by Ryan Pike

We’re now into World Cup of Hockey season, meaning we may be waiting for a while for news relating to Johnny Gaudreau’s contract extension. With this lull, it’s probably a good time to take a look at some of the richest deals in club history – particularly given Sean Monahan’s recent long-term, big-money extension.

Here’s a brief snapshot of the most expensive deals in Flames history. Where do you think Gaudreau’s deal, whenever it occurs, will fall within these lists?

Active contracts are bolded.


  • $7 MILLION – JAROME IGINLA (2005-08)
    Coming off of a stretch where he scored 35, 41 and 50 goals and was among the best hockey players on the planet, Darryl Sutter astutely opened the cheque book.
  • $7 MILLION – JAROME IGINLA (2008-13)
    Iginla’s play didn’t deteriorate during his previous contract (above), where he scored 35, 39 and 50 goals. So, he got another, longer, one.
  • $6.75 MILLION – MARK GIORDANO (2016-22)
    Giordano replaced Iginla as captain after the latter’s departure and continued his quiet progression into a Norris-caliber defender.
  • $6.68 MILLION – JAY BOUWMEESTER (2009-14)
    Darryl Sutter traded for Bouwmeester’s rights before the draft and signed him to a big, big money deal.
  • $6.5 MILLION – DION PHANEUF (2008-14)
    Phaneuf’s first contract after his entry-level deal was steep and almost impossible to live up to.
  • $6.375 MILLION – SEAN MONAHAN (2016-23)
  • $5.83 MILLION – MIIKKA KIPRUSOFF (2008-14)
    Kiprusoff put up some gaudy numbers in the first couple of season after the lockout, so he got a hefty raise.
  • $5.75 MILLION – DOUGIE HAMILTON (2015-21)
    The Flames acquired Hamilton with great fanfare at the 2015 NHL Draft and then locked him up long-term, with a cap hit only beaten by Giordano’s.
  • $5.25 MILLION – ALEX TANGUAY (2006-09)
    The Flames traded for Tanguay at the 2016 NHL Draft and signed him to a fairly big-money deal. He was coming off a few really productive seasons and the hope was he’d be a good fit with Jarome Iginla.
  • $5.25 MILLION – DENNIS WIDEMAN (2012-17)
    Jay Feaster traded for Wideman’s rights and signed him long-term to bolster the power-play – ala Sutter with Bouwmeester three seasons prior. It has been… mixed.


  • $44.625 MILLION – SEAN MONAHAN (2016-23)
    Monahan’s deal is for seven seasons at $6.375 million apiece.
  • $40.5 MILLION – MARK GIORDANO (2016-22)
    Current Flames captain Giordano signed a six-year deal at $6.75 million per season.
  • $39 MILLION – DION PHANEUF (2008-14)
    Back when he was thought to be the answer on the blueline, young Phaneuf signed for six seasons at $6.5 million per season.
  • $35 MILLION – MIIKKA KIPRUSOFF (2008-14)
    Miikka Kiprusoff’s last NHL contract was for six seasons and $5,833,333 (rounded to $5.83 million). He was good for five of those seasons.
  • $35 MILLION – JAROME IGINLA (2008-13)
    Coming off a three-year deal at $7 million apiece, the Flames extended Iginla for five more seasons at the same cap hit.
  • $34.5 MILLION – DOUGIE HAMILTON (2015-21)
    Arguably Brad Treliving’s biggest swing, acquiring Hamilton for picks and signing him for six years (at a hefty $5.75 million cap hit).
  • $33.4 MILLION – JAY BOUWMEESTER (2009-14)
    Compared to some of the deals that came after him, Bouwmeester’s was rather pedestrian: five seasons at $6.68 million. He was the highest-paid Flame (in terms of cap hit) for three days following Iginla’s trade to Pittsburgh.