Some NHL jersey advertisement concepts

Updated: January 11, 2018 at 3:18 am by Cam Lewis


Apparently, the 2016 World Cup of Hockey going to be a guinea pig for jersey advertising. We all know it’s coming, unfortunately, whether we like it or not. According to TSN, it’s believed that putting advertisements on jerseys could result in over $120 million in revenue. I assume we’re going to see advertisements in the form of shoulder patches and helmet stickers first, but eventually logos will dominate the main crest portion of the jersey. It’s simply too lucrative for the league to reject, even if it results in negative fan feedback. 

Here are some NHL jersey advertisement concepts that make sense/are inevitable: 

Back in 2012, Air Emirates and Arsenal of the English Premier League reached a five year agreement that would see the airline pay £150 million for an exclusive partnership. So Emirates pays £30 million a year to have their logo all over Arsenal’s stadium, to be their official sponsor, and most importantly, to have their logo on their jerseys. When a fan purchases an Arsenal jersey, they’re advertising for Fly Emirates. Of course, this deal encompasses more than simply jersey sponsorship, so it’s difficult to narrow down just how much Emirates is paying Arsenal for the jerseys. According to Forbes, Chevrolet is paying Manchester United $80 million a year for jersey rights. There’s no way hockey is as lucrative as soccer, but this is what it would look like if Emirates chucked their logo on some classic NHL jerseys. 





Of course, Air Emirates may not be interested in marketing to the North American hockey market — but we know these guys do. Rogers practically owns the NHL at this point, the massive TV deal, arena name deals all over the country, it’s just a matter of time before they slap their logo on some classic Canadian sweaters.





Let’s move away from the doom and gloom of Rogers and Emirates jerseys for a second, and take a look at some logos that might actually look kinda funny and entertaining. Some of these colour schemes are a match made in heaven.







Be honest, the Minnesota jersey already looks like a can of Mountain Dew, and the Islanders jersey fits Burger King even more than those old Kings’ sweaters did. I could see Anaheim rocking the Disney D if Dunkin’ sticks in Boston. Also, would the Doritos logo make you more or less likely to buy a Scott Mellanby jersey?

Yes! He’s totally right, Emoji jerseys would be a great way for apple to get in on the action and to appeal to a younger crowd.


See? It won’t be all that bad. 

Thanks to Jersey Database for their images.