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Jesse Spector’s series of crazy lockout-ending ideas continued yesterday with his craziest idea yet: play hockey while negotiating. He goes on to explain:

Get back on the ice, start collecting ticket revenue again, start selling merchandise again, and put the game front and center instead of posturing, browbeating, and greed. It’s not only the best way to set about repairing the NHL’s image, which believe it or not still has not hit rock bottom, it is the best way to make a deal.

Every observer agrees that the best chance to make progress on a collective bargaining agreement is to take negotiations out of the public eye. What better way to do that than to bring back hockey and move the CBA backstage?

It actually isn’t a bad idea. Unfortunately, as Jesse points out, Donald Fehr suggested as much in September. Since the players suggested it the chances of the owners going along with it are slim to none.

More #fancystats, fan insulting, and mediation fail after the jump.

* At Leafs Nation Cam Charron helps Leafs fans keep from pushing Nazem Kadri into a river while wearing cement shoes.

* Roy MacGregor of The Globe and Mail published a story titled “Professor Rips NHL For Treating Fans As ‘Stupid'”. It could have been more accurately titled “Professor Rips NHL For Treating It’s Stupid Fans As If They’re Stupid”.

* Mike Harrington of The Buffalo News published a story about the pointlessness of the NHL’s lockout stance. Unfortunately the only thing I took away from it is yet another baseless comparison of the Phoenix and Dallas hockey markets.

* Did you hear the story about how the man that mediated the NFL labor situation last year volunteered to mediate the NHL lockout? Katie Strang has it at

* Finally today Tyler Dellow used a Jim Rutherford quote and a chat session as a springboard for a study of how stay-at-home defensemen develop.

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