Player Salaries

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Player Player Stats Player Cap Number Salary
Name Team Pos 18-19 19-20 18-19 19-20 20-21 21-22 22-23
Cam Talbot C. Talbot Edmonton Oilers EDM G $4,166,667 $4,200,000 ufa
Scott Darling S. Darling Carolina Hurricanes CAR G $4,150,000 $4,150,000 $4,750,000 $4,099,999 $3,000,000 ufa
Mathieu Perreault M. Perreault Winnipeg Jets WPG LW $4,125,000 $4,125,000 $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,000,000 ufa
Nick Bjugstad N. Bjugstad Pittsburgh Penguins PIT C $4,100,000 $4,100,000 $4,300,000 $5,000,000 $5,250,000 ufa
Nick Bonino N. Bonino Nashville Predators NSH C $4,100,000 $4,100,000 $4,100,000 $4,100,000 $4,099,999 ufa
Niklas Hjalmarsson N. Hjalmarsson Arizona Coyotes ARI RD $4,100,000 $4,000,000 ufa
Steve Mason S. Mason Montreal Canadiens MON G $4,100,000 $4,100,000 ufa
Brian Dumoulin B. Dumoulin Pittsburgh Penguins PIT LD $4,099,999 $4,099,999 $4,099,999 $4,099,999 $4,099,999 $4,099,999 $4,099,999
Olli Maatta O. Maatta Pittsburgh Penguins PIT LD $4,083,333 $4,083,333 $4,083,300 $4,083,300 $4,083,300 $4,083,500 ufa
Jake Gardiner J. Gardiner Toronto Maple Leafs TOR LD $4,050,000 $3,450,000 ufa
Victor Rask V. Rask Minnesota Wild MIN C $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,000,000 ufa
Carl Hagelin C. Hagelin Washington Capitals WAS LW $4,000,000 $3,666,000 ufa
Roman Josi R. Josi Nashville Predators NSH LD $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $5,250,000 $4,000,000 ufa
Marco Scandella M. Scandella Buffalo Sabres BUF LD $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,500,000 $4,750,000 ufa
Jake Muzzin J. Muzzin Toronto Maple Leafs TOR LD $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,450,000 $4,450,000 ufa
Adam Henrique A. Henrique Anaheim Ducks ANA C $4,000,000 $5,500,000 ufa
Evgenii Dadonov E. Dadonov Florida Panthers FLA RW $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $3,750,000 $3,600,000 ufa
Alec Martinez A. Martinez Los Angeles Kings LAK LD $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,050,000 $4,150,000 $4,000,000 ufa
Mikkel Boedker M. Boedker Ottawa Senators OTT LW $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000 $3,000,000 ufa
Kris Russell K. Russell Edmonton Oilers EDM LD $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $4,500,000 $4,000,000 $2,500,000 ufa
Wayne Simmonds W. Simmonds Nashville Predators NSH RW $3,975,000 $5,000,000 ufa
Johan Franzen J. Franzen Detroit Red Wings DET LW $3,954,545 $3,954,545 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 ufa
Colin Wilson C. Wilson Colorado Avalanche COL LW $3,937,500 $4,000,000 ufa
Andrew Shaw A. Shaw Montreal Canadiens MON RW $3,900,000 $3,900,000 $4,000,000 $3,250,000 $2,750,000 $2,900,000 ufa
Travis Hamonic T. Hamonic Calgary Flames CAL RD $3,857,143 $3,857,143 $4,875,000 $4,875,000 ufa
Connor Murphy C. Murphy Chicago Blackhawks CHI RD $3,850,000 $3,850,000 $4,500,000 $4,400,000 $3,200,000 $4,000,000 ufa
Cody Eakin C. Eakin Vegas Golden Knights VGK C $3,850,000 $3,850,000 $3,850,000 $3,850,000 ufa
Darren Helm D. Helm Detroit Red Wings DET C $3,850,000 $3,850,000 $3,750,000 $3,000,000 $3,000,000 ufa
Rickard Rakell R. Rakell Anaheim Ducks ANA LW $3,800,000 $3,800,000 $3,800,000 $3,800,000 $3,800,000 $3,800,000 ufa
Justin Braun J. Braun San Jose Sharks SJS RD $3,800,000 $3,800,000 $3,800,000 $3,800,000 ufa
Matt Beleskey M. Beleskey New York Rangers NYR LW $3,800,000 $3,800,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000 ufa
Will Butcher W. Butcher New Jersey Devils NJD LD $3,775,000 $925,000 rfa
Nico Hischier N. Hischier New Jersey Devils NJD C $3,775,000 $3,775,000 $925,000 $925,000 rfa
Auston Matthews A. Matthews Toronto Maple Leafs TOR C $3,775,000 $925,000 rfa
Matt Murray M. Murray Pittsburgh Penguins PIT G $3,750,000 $3,750,000 $3,750,000 $3,750,000 rfa
Anders Lee A. Lee New York Islanders NYI LW $3,750,000 $5,000,000 ufa
Tanner Pearson T. Pearson Vancouver Canucks VAN LW $3,750,000 $3,750,000 $3,800,000 $3,850,000 $3,850,000 ufa
Jakob Silfverberg J. Silfverberg Anaheim Ducks ANA LW $3,750,000 $3,750,000 ufa
Brendan Gallagher B. Gallagher Montreal Canadiens MON RW $3,750,000 $3,750,000 $3,000,000 $4,000,000 $2,750,000 ufa
Mattias Ekholm M. Ekholm Nashville Predators NSH LD $3,750,000 $3,750,000 $4,000,000 $4,000,000 $3,000,000 $5,000,000 ufa
Braydon Coburn B. Coburn Tampa Bay Lightning TBL LD $3,700,000 $3,700,000 ufa
Jacob Markstrom J. Markstrom Vancouver Canucks VAN G $3,666,667 $3,666,667 $3,600,000 $4,000,000 ufa
Nolan Patrick N. Patrick Philadelphia Flyers PHI C $3,575,000 $3,575,000 $925,000 $925,000 rfa
Patrik Laine P. Laine Winnipeg Jets WPG RW $3,575,000 $925,000 rfa
Andrei Vasilevskiy A. Vasilevskiy Tampa Bay Lightning TBL G $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $4,000,000 rfa
Michael Stone M. Stone Calgary Flames CAL RD $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $3,500,000 ufa
Vladimir Sobotka V. Sobotka Buffalo Sabres BUF C $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $3,000,000 ufa
Eric Staal E. Staal Minnesota Wild MIN C $3,500,000 $3,500,000 ufa
Cal Clutterbuck C. Clutterbuck New York Islanders NYI RW $3,500,000 $3,500,000 $4,000,000 $3,500,000 $2,500,000 $2,500,000 ufa
Miro Heiskanen M. Heiskanen Dallas Stars DAL D $3,425,000 $3,425,000 $925,000 $925,000 rfa
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NHL Player Salaries

The player salaries page breaks down how much each player in the league earns on a per season basis. A player is signed to a contract and their average annual salary determines how much they cost against the cap for team they play for. On this page, you can sort players based on their actual cash salaries or their cap hits. In the NHL, players are paid on a per-day basis and teams are charged against the cap on a per-day basis, but both cap hits and salaries are commonly viewed by their total sum over the span of the year, which, in this case, is a season.

The numbers we feature on this page are cap number and salary. Cap number is different than cap hit because cap number is the hypothetical total a player will coast against a team’s salary cap for that season. Heading into a season, a team will look at a player’s cap number assuming they’ll play all 186 days in the season, and operate off of that number since it’s the maximum they can be charged against the cap. The cap hit is based on how many days the players spends on the roster, so, technically a player’s cap hit can come in lower than their cap number at the end of the season.

A cap hit is determined by taking the player’s total salary and dividing it by the number of years of the contract. Even if a player is being paid $1 million one year and $10 million the next, it’ll average out to $5 million per year against the cap so that teams can’t work around the salary cap with back- or front-loaded contracts.

When clicking on a player, you can check out a player’s previous contracts and what their salaries and cap hits have been in the past. You can also see how much of a player’s contract is based on performance bonuses and how much of it is true salary. Players on rookie deals have heavy performance bonuses, as do +35 players signing short-term deals at the end of their careers, while the average player is often just paid in real salary without performance bonuses.

As time goes along, cap hits of individual players will rise. This is the inevitability with the salary cap going up year after year. A few years ago, Sidney Crosby’s $8.7 million cap hit with the Pittsburgh Penguins was at the top of the league, but, as the cap has gone up, he’s been passed by multiple players. Connor McDavid’s $12.5 million deal is now the gold standard for the league, but as the cap continues to rise, he’ll eventually get jumped by a lesser player in free agency.

No player can be paid more than 20 per cent of the team’s salary cap upper limit, as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, but as new players sign deals each summer, that upper limit is higher, thus increasing their earning potential.