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Joel is an Edmonton boy who likes digging through old stats, making pretty graphs, and watching Connor skate. He is too young to remember the 80's, was travelling in Africa in the spring of 2006, and is spending the McDavid years in Vancouver. Poor Joel.

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Goalies and the Playoffs: Fleury’s Magical Postseason

Marc-Andre Fleury is having an unbelievable postseason.  His current Sv% of .947 doesn’t just lead all goalies in these playoffs, it’s actually the highest Sv% of any goalie in a playoff year since the 1960... Continue reading →

Goalies and the Playoffs Part 4: How to Win a Cup

Previously, I looked into the effect that PDO (a team’s Sv% plus its Sh%) has on the results of individual playoff series (tl;dr: a big effect).  Next, I wanted to track that effect ... Continue reading →

Goalies and the Playoffs Part 3: How to Win a Series

We know that goalie performance is a major factor to playoff success. I wanted to get a better sense of just how big a factor it is, so I looked at shot volume and Sv% ... Continue reading →

Goalies and the Playoffs Part 2: What’s Shot Volume Got to Do with It?

  My first article focused entirely on save percentages. I thought it would be helpful to have a look at the other side of the coin – shots – and how the two interact. It’s pretty ... Continue reading →

Goalies and the Playoffs Part 1: Why are Goalies Better in the Postseason?

A few years ago, I started looking at the impact of goalie performance on success in the playoffs. One of the first things I noticed was that the league average Sv% tends to be significantly ... Continue reading →