NHLN Power Rankings: Jan. 31, 2017

Updated: January 31, 2017 at 4:11 pm by Scott Maxwell

It’s time for your weekly dose of the NHL Numbers power rankings.
I’ll look at the five best and worst NHL teams thus far in the season,
as well as the three best and worst players in the last week.

Note: All use of Corsi For and Expected Goals For are Score and
Venue Adjusted, and at even strength. All stats come from Corsica
Hockey, and NHL.com (don’t worry, it’s only the standings).


5. Pittsburgh Penguins (Last Week: 5)

(30-13-5 record, 51.01% CF%, 53.67% xGF%, 100.98 PDO)

4. Columbus Blue Jackets (Last Week: 3)

(32-12-4 record, 51.45% CF%, 51.46 xGF%, 101.85 PDO)

3. San Jose Sharks (Last Week: 4)

(31-17-2 record, 52.01% CF%, 52.29% xGF%, 100.59 PDO)

2. Montreal Canadiens (Last Week: 2)

(29-14-7 record, 52.91% CF%, 53.52% xGF%, 101.3 PDO)

1. Washington Capitals (Last Week: 1)

(33-10-6 record, 52.91% CF%, 51.91 xGF%, 104.23 PDO)

The San Jose Sharks continue to surge up the list, partly from their recent hot stretch, and also because of Columbus dropped both of their games this week. Other than that, Washington is starting to pull themselves ahead of everyone else, and are starting to really dominate.


5. Buffalo Sabres (Last Week: 5)

(20-19-9 record, 47.12% CF%, 49.64% xGF%, 99.88 PDO)

4. New York Islanders (Last Week: 4)

(21-17-9 record, 47.11% CF%, 47.71% xGF%, 101.51 PDO)

3. New Jersey Devils (Last Week: 3)

(20-21-9 record, 46.42% CF%, 46.35% xGF%, 98.98 PDO)

2. Arizona Coyotes (Last Week: 2)

(16-26-6 record, 45.16% CF%, 42.78% xGF%, 99.31 PDO)

1. Colorado Avalanche (Last Week: 1)

(13-31-2 record, 44.84% CF%, 42.18% xGF%, 96.88 PDO)

Despite the recent success since Jack Capuano was fired, the Islanders aren’t looking at a new team. They still suck, they’re just lucky. In fact, they’re lucky to have a home right now, since they won’t in too long.


1. Cam Talbot (2-0-0 record, .983%, 1 SO)

It was a successful week for Cam Talbot, as he helped win both of his games for Edmonton, and allowed just one goal during those games, with that goal coming in a high danger situation.

2. Tyler Seguin (2G-0A-2P in 2GP, 54.99% CF%, 7.85 P160)

Tyler Seguin played a huge role on his team this week, putting up decent scoring rates, while also holding his own in the possession category.

3. Carey Price (1-1-0 record, .945%)

While Carey Price’s box score numbers might not be as impressive, dig a little deeper, and you’ll see why he’s here. Price allowed just one even strength goal, albeit from a low danger area.


1. & 2. The Jersey Boys

Sergey Kalinin (0G-0A-0P in 1GP, 8.94% CF%) (9:32)

Luke Gazdic (0G-0A-0P in 1GP, 10.13% CF%) (6:10)

While neither of them played a lot this week (Kalinin only played 9:32, and Gazdic played 6:10), both of them were abysmal possession players, with Kalinin at 8.94% and Gazdic at 10.13%.

3. John Gibson (0-1-0 record, .826%)

It was a tough week for Gibson, as his lone NHL action this week saw him allow four goals, all of them at even strength, bumping his 5v5 save percentage to 77.78%.