NHLN Power Rankings: Jan. 17, 2017

Updated: January 17, 2017 at 12:25 pm by Scott Maxwell

It’s time for your weekly dose of the NHL Numbers power rankings. I’ll look at the five best and worst NHL teams thus far in the season, as well as the three best and worst players in the last week.

Note: All use of Corsi For and Expected Goals For are Score and Venue Adjusted, and at even strength. All stats come from Corsica Hockey, and NHL.com (don’t worry, it’s only the standings).


5. Chicago Blackhawks (Last Week: 5)

27-14-5 record, 50% CF%, 47.33 xGF%, 101.22 PDO

4. Pittsburgh Penguins (Last Week: 4)

27-11-5 record, 51.35% CF%, 53.86 xGF%, 100.2 PDO

3. Columbus Blue Jackets (Last Week: 3)

29-9-4 record, 51.57% CF%, 51.5 xGF%, 102.32 PDO

2. Montreal Canadiens (Last Week: 1)

27-12-6 record, 53.21% CF%, 53.89 xGF%, 101.57 PDO

1. Washington Capitals (Last Week: 2)

29-9-6 record, 53.42% CF%, 52.4 xGF%, 103.92 PDO

We’re reaching the point of the season where the teams start to maintain their spots in the rankings, as at the halfway point, they’re beginning to establish themselves as the best. The Blackhawks, Penguins and Blue Jackets are starting to trail off, so we’ll see if they can hold their ground, while the Capitals jump into first place because of their (until last night’s hectic 8-7 OTL against Pittsburgh) nine game winning streak.


5. Buffalo Sabres (Last Week: 5)

17-17-9 record, 47.08 CF%, 49.79 xGF%, 99.88 PDO

4. New Jersey Devils (Last Week: 4)

18-18-9 record, 47.07 CF%, 46.84 xGF%, 98.62 PDO

3. New York Islanders (Last Week: 3)

17-17-8 record, 46.78 CF%, 47.63 xGF%, 101.36 PDO

2. Arizona Coyotes (Last Week: 1)

13-24-6 record, 44.99 CF%, 41.91 xGF%, 99.16 PDO

1. Colorado Avalanche (Last Week: 2)

13-27-1 record, 44.8 CF%, 41.56 xGF%, 96.97 PDO

Likewise, the basement dwellers are seeing a similar static position in the standings. The only change we see is the Coyotes and Avalanche, who seem to be rotating that worst team in the league spot quite a bit.


1. John Tavares (5G-0A-5P in 4GP, 56.89% CF%, 4.18 P160)

What do you when your team sucks? Take matters into your own hands. Tavares did just that, scoring five goals this week, including a hat trick and an almost hat trick. He was also very good possession wise, putting up what you’d expect from a first line center.

2. Brock McGinn (4G-3A-7P in 3GP, 54.41% CF%, 4.13 P160)

The Hurricanes are surging into playoff contention, lead by Brock McGinn, who put up seven points in just three games. Also like the Hurricanes, McGinn had a solid week possession wise as well.

3. John Gibson (2-0-1, .968%, 1 SO)

Gibson was almost unbeatable this week, as he only let in two goals at even strength, while the Ducks got five of six points when he played.


1. Devante Smith-Pelly (0G-0A-0P in 4GP, 31.47 CF%)

DSP was downright awful for the Devils this week, as he had only a 31.47% CF%, and didn’t put up any points. Hopefully, it’s just an off week for him.

2. Korbinian Holzer (0G-1A-1P in 2GP, 30.35 CF%)

When Holzer drew in the lineup for the Ducks this week, he was abysmal, with only a 30.35% CF%. He did register an assist though, which to him is a rarity.

3. Jake Allen (0-1-0, .769%, 0 SO)

Allen returns to the list with another brutal week, which saw him start two games, and he didn’t finish either of them. Luckily for the Blues, Carter Hutton had an extremely good week, so Allen’s poor play didn’t drag the team a lot.