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The Leafs are actually good, the Jets and Wings are quite bad, Jim Benning reveals his plans, the Flames first half and exposing Troy Brouwer, Taylor Hall goes back to Edmonton, the Adidas jersey takeover, the NHL’s point system, backup goalies, Justin Schultz 2.0 and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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How good are the Leafs?

In 10 years, has anything actually changed for the Leafs in goal?

Good riddance: Auston Matthews broke the confidence barrier

The emergence of Nikita Zaitsev

Zach Hyman has been a major find for the Leafs


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The Jets are bad and they should feel bad

5 things to know about Mark Scheifele

Jets mid point of the season perspective


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80 point pace for Red Wings but positives do exist

Update: Wings new arena


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GM Jim Benning speaks on Canucks plans for 2017

Bo Horvat goes to the All-star game


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Could the Flames expose Troy Brouwer in the expansion draft?

Adidas switch: Flames have chance to get their jerseys right again

Interesting numbers from the Flames first half


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Oilers 1st quarter versus second quarter

Eberle: Scoring woes

Taylor Hall returns: Seeing your ex – Scrap of the week

More from around the Network…

The end of Reebok and the Adidas takeover

What if the NHL had a 3-2-1 points system?

Quantifying the value of a shootout specialist

Future free agent: Karl Alzner

Around the NHL: Backup goalie carousel & Justin Schultz hype 2.0

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