NHLN Power Rankings: Dec. 12, 2016

Updated: December 12, 2016 at 5:55 pm by Scott Maxwell

It’s time for your weekly dose of the NHL Numbers power rankings, a weekly look on the previous week in the NHL. I’ll look at the five best and worst NHL teams thus far in the season, as well as the three best and worst players in the last week.

Note: All use of Corsi For and Expected Goals For are Score and Venue Adjusted, and at even strength. All stats come from Corsica Hockey, and NHL.com (don’t worry, it’s only the standings).


5. Pittsburgh Penguins (Last Week: N/A)

(18-7-3 record, 51.98% CF%, 56.29% xGF%, 100.57 PDO)

The Penguins rejoin the top five, mainly on the back to the first 20 goal scorer this season, Sidney Crosby, and two other 30 point scorers in Malkin and Kessel.

4. Columbus Bluejackets (Last Week: 5)

(17-5-4 record, 52.03% CF%, 52.24% xGF%, 102.44 PDO)

The Bluejackets swept the last week, winning all three games, while improving their possession as well.

3. Montreal Canadiens (Last Week: N/A)

(19-6-3 record, 52.69% CF%, 54.15% xGF%, 102.9 PDO)

Welcome back Montreal, who look a lot better after a dominating 10-1 win over the Colorado Avalanche.

2. St. Louis Blues (Last Week: 1)

(16-9-4 record,52.8% CF%, 52.05% xGF%, 98.71 PDO)

The Blues dropped a spot this week after going 2-2. Not that they were terrible by any means, but it more has something to do with…

1. Washington Capitals (Last Week: N/A)

(17-7-3 record, 53.64% CF%, 50.7% xGF%, 102.7 PDO)

The Caps surged to the top of the list after four straight wins, albeit against weaker competition aside from a strong Bruins team.


5. Vancouver Canucks (Last Week: N/A)

(12-15-2 record, 47.59% CF%, 45.21% xGF%, 97.66 PDO)

The Canucks return to the last after a brief absence. I guess that’s what happens when you go 1-3-0 in a week.

4. Detroit Red Wings (Last Week: 4)

(13-12-4 record, 47.04% CF%, 46.4% xGF%, 100.74 PDO)

Meanwhile, the Red Wings are making a home on this list, as they continue to be one of the worst possession teams in the league, something usually unlike them.

3. New York Islanders (Last Week: 2)

(11-11-5 record, 45.46% CF%, 46.73% xGF%, 100.4 PDO)

Congrats to the Isles for not being second last anymore. Must have been all of the heart from their latest extension, Cal Clutterbuck.

2. Colorado Avalanche (Last Week: 3)

(11-15-1 record, 45.19% CF%, 42.63% xGF%, 97.5 PDO)

The Avs slide down to second last, mainly due to the weekend. One day, they lose 10-1 to Montreal, the next day they barely escape with a win against Toronto, surrendering 52 shots.

1. Arizona Coyotes (Last Week: 1)

(9-13-5 record, 44.24% CF%, 39.94% xGF%, 99.84 PDO)

I don’t know, same as usual.


1. Max Pacioretty (5G-1A-6P in 3GP, 68.73% CF%, 7.01 P160)

Pacioretty had a monster week for Montreal. Not only did he score five goals and six points, but he also got all of those points in regulation, and was a dominant possession player as well.

2. Scott Darling (1-0-1, .983%, 1 SO)

Blackhawks fans need not worry right now for life without Crawford, as Scott Darling was solid in his two games this week, not allowing a single goal.

3. Antti Raanta (2-0-0, .977%, 1 SO)

While controversial, Raanta is currently the guy in net for New York with Lundqvist “struggling”, and he performed well this week.


1. Chris Neil (0G-0A-0P in 4GP, 30.57% CF%)

Despite the fact that he hit 1000 games this week, Neil struggled on the fourth line, as he got caved in possession wise.

2. Tuukka Rask (1-1-1, .855%)

After being an early Vezina candidate, Rask struggled this week, coughing up games while his team dominated in the shot attempt department.

3. Mikhail Grigorenko (0G-1A-1P in 4GP, 32.16% CF%)

Grigorenko got it worse in Colorado’s bad week, as he managed a lone assist, while getting stuck in his own end more often than not.