NHLN Power Rankings: Nov. 28, 2016

Updated: November 28, 2016 at 1:42 pm by Scott Maxwell

It’s time for your weekly dose of the NHL Numbers power rankings, a
weekly look on the previous week in the NHL. I’ll look at the five best
and worst
NHL teams thus far in the season, as well as the three best and worst
players in the last week.

Note: All use of Corsi For and
Expected Goals For are Score and Venue Adjusted, and at even strength.
All stats come from Corsica Hockey, and NHL.com (don’t worry, it’s only
the standings).


5. St. Louis Blues (Last Week: 3)

(12-7-3 record, 53.03% CF%, 53.59% xGF%, 97.95 PDO)

St. Louis had a solid week, going 2-1-0, with wins over both Boston and Minnesota, and losing to this team…

4. Washington Capitals (Last Week: 4)

(13-6-2 record, 53.68% CF%, 51.57% xGF%, 102.73 PDO)

The Caps also went 2-1-0 this week, with wins over the aforementioned St. Louis, as well as Buffalo, and dropping the lone game to Toronto on Saturday.

3. Montreal Canadiens (Last Week: 2)

(16-4-2 record, 50.62% CF%, 50.65% xGF%, 102.76 PDO)

The Habs continue the trend of 2-1-0 teams, beating Detroit and Carolina, and losing to the Ottawa Senators.

2. Chicago Blackhawks (Last Week: 5)

(14-6-3 record, 51.09% CF%, 48.05% xGF%, 103.03 PDO)

The Hawks had a rough week, going 1-2-1, but their possession improved, unlike everyone else that’s been featured thus far.

1. Pittsburgh Penguins (Last Week: 1)

(12-7-3 record, 51.66% CF%, 55.58% xGF%, 100.47 PDO)

The Penguins went on cruise control this week, going 2-2-0, although they also saw a significant bump in possession.


5. Dallas Stars (Last Week: 4)

(9-8-5 record, 47.47% CF%, 48.74% xGF%, 98.58 PDO)

The Stars went 2-1-0 this week, beating Minnesota and Vancouver, and only losing to Nashville. Also, they had a slight increase in possession, thus they move up a spot.

4. Winnipeg Jets (Last Week: N/A)

(10-12-2 record, 47.45% CF%, 47.05% xGF%, 99.85 PDO)

Despite the return of Jacob Trouba, and the offensive success of Scheifele and Laine, Winnipeg continues to struggle, mainly due to their possession issues.

3. Detroit Red Wings (Last Week: 3)

(10-10-2 record, 46.72% CF%, 47.41% xGF%, 100.97 PDO)

Despite going 2-0-1 last week, and a significant bump in possession, Detroit remains in 3rd because they’d still have a significant jump to make if they want to move up. Losing Howard, Smith, and Bertuzzi won’t help their chances either.

2. New York Islanders (Last Week: 2)

(6-10-4 record, 45.22% CF%, 46.45% xGF%, 99.51 PDO)

It was a 1-2 week for the Isles, who continues their slow fall from fame.

1. Arizona Coyotes (Last Week: 1)

(8-10-2 record, 44.49% CF%, 41.3% xGF%, 99.79 PDO)

Another week, another power ranking with the Yotes in last.


1. Mike Cammaleri (4G-4A-8P in 3GP, 50.29% CF%)

Cammaleri returned from his absense in style, scoring goals in all three games, and putting up a total of eight points overall, including a four point night against Toronto.

2. Craig Anderson (4-0-0, .960%, 1 SO)

The feel good story of the season, Anderson has another week of dominance, stopping just about everything amidst four wins this week.

3. Connor McDavid (2G-5A-7P in 4GP, 54.31% CF%)

Surprisingly his first appearance on this list this season, it certainly won’t be his last, with seven points over four games.


1. Romatt Polwick (Hunwick: 0G-1A-1P in 3GP, 31.99% CF%; Polak: 0G-0A-0P in 2 GP, 32.06% CF%)

Hello again Roman Polak. This week, his defense partner in Matt Hunwick joins him on the list in what is becoming one of the worst pairings ever.

3. Marc-Andre Fleury (0-2-0, .859%)

It wasn’t a good week for Fleury, especially considering that he’s trying to establish himself as the clear-cut number one. Murray, meanwhile, went 2-0 this week.