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Updated: January 11, 2018 at 1:25 am by Steve Dangle

Hi everybody! It’s annoying Leafs person.

WAIT! Wait… This isn’t a Leafs blog.

The Nation Network overlord people thought it would be fun for me to try a weekly nation-wide post. I told them that I don’t get nearly enough hate on the Sportsnet Facebook page so that sounds like a great idea.

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Here’s a few things I thought were noteworthy this week.


I get the sense there’s panic in OilersNation. After a crazy hot start, the Oil dropped two straight against hated Ontario teams. I’ve read pessimistic tweets from fans and there’s been some line-shuffling going on, too.

Outsider looking in – take a breath. Craig Anderson’s amazing performance was just that – amazing.

As for the Leafs loss, people loved talking about how Nazem Kadri shut down Connor McDavid or that Nikita Soshnikov had a great game. Let’s call it what it was: The Oilers took 46 shots and Frederik Andersen stopped 44 of them. The way Cam Talbot has played this season, the Oilers’ goaltending should steal their fair share of games this season, too.

Shameless plug: I made a video about the Leafs-Oilers blockbuster trade of 1991.

Oh and Connor things.


If you predicted Michael Frolik would be the Flames’ leading scorer after 12 games, come claim your prize!

Heading into the season I was convinced the Flames would be Canada’s best team. I failed to take Carey Price into account, didn’t I? OK fine – but the Flames should at least be better than the 1-4-1 record they had through six games. Now they seem to be back on track and I look slightly less stupid.

That being said, the story of the year is going to be the Flames’ goaltending. Brian Elliott and Chad Johnson were signed to kick their goaltending in the ass and instead they’re getting their asses kicked.

Talbot eventually figured it out in Edmoney. Andersen just put together a nice week in Toronto. Maybe the Flames are just going through goalie growing pains.

In warm, fuzzy feeling news:


I promise I’ll make this brief.

Look… you know they’re bad. I made this clip for Hockey Central about the Canucks. It’s the question at the end I’m most concerned with.

The Canucks have been a frequent punching bag for my podcast but last episode we all sat there genuinely trying to figure out what on earth this team should do. People have tweeted me “Retain salary on the Sedins.” Holy hell. Are things that bad?

Benning supposedly wants a 20-goal scorer. Unless he gives up something many fans will hate giving up, I just can’t see him pulling that off. My less appealing but more realistic idea: The Leafs aren’t using Peter Holland right now. Make a trade? Hell, he might even be on waivers next week at this rate.


HEY GUYS! I’m writing here weirrrrd!

Made a video and post about the Leafs depth chart and I’m convinced the Leafs are going to have to move a winger, maybe even a prospect winger, at some point. That could mean this week, next week, the trade deadline – whatever.

It’s great that the Leafs have so many guys worth keeping, I just don’t think they can keep them all.

Oh also.


When it comes to Jets coverage, my ignorant Torontonian brain is mostly exposed the the Patrik Laine show. As a Leafs fan, oh, I’m quite aware of the Patrik Laine show.

How about Connor Hellebuyck though, eh?

He hasn’t been a Vezina-winner obviously but he’s also not Ondrej Pavelec. He’s also 23-years-old. Great goaltending can get you far in this league and for the first time in a while, the Jets might be able to lean on it.


Rumours of the Red Wings’ death have been greatly exaggerated.

I have to admit, I bought those rumours. Hell, I probably started them. How is this team still good?!? Let me guess: Petr Mrazek has been a stud, right?

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 7.25.46 PM


Seriously though, the forwards have been underestimated. By me, at least. Thomas Vanek looks like old Thomas Vanek. Mike Green is producing like old Mike Green. 

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though. This hit from Brayden Schenn went unpunished by the NHL. Was that the right call? There seems to be debate Schenn was even looking at Brendan Smith.

So. Didja have fun? Let me know down below!