Exploring the options for Steven Stamkos through Twitter

Updated: June 29, 2016 at 10:59 am by Adam Laskaris

In a perfect world, every team in the NHL would like Steven Stamkos on their roster.

But in reality, there’s only going to be one team that ends up with him when he hits free agency on July 1st.

Where it is is anybody’s best guess. There’s been rumours of front-runners and dark horses emerging, but until his deal is finalized, there will be theories swirling everywhere about where Stamkos is going, how much he’ll sign for, and why. 

From the wonderful world of hockey Twitter, here’s a take from each fanbase on why Stamkos should go to their city. 

Anaheim Ducks

I don’t really know what the alleged Carlyle connection with Stamkos is, considering Stamkos and Carlyle were never in the same organization at the same time. Interesting theory, though.

Arizona Coyotes

There’s very few Coyotes fans making a pitch for Stamkos online, but Zachary does make a good point.

Boston Bruins

Hockey GIFer Pete Blackburn with the well-reasoned arguments. 

Buffalo Sabres

Even though he probably could refuse, that offer does seem tempting.

Calgary Flames

FlamesNation.com‘s own Ryan Pike shutting down the rumours, ladies and gentlemen! 

Carolina Hurricanes

Destiny. I guess that settles it.

Chicago Blackhawks

Well, I’d love to see that video.

Colorado Avalanche

That Does Sound Like A Good Idea.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Note the date. Things may change over time, but this is probably legit.

Dallas Stars

I don’t think this fan understands how contracts work in the NHL, but interesting take nonetheless.

FW: Jim Nill

Detroit Red Wings

In terms of financial decisions in Detroit, this probably still ranks above all those one-year deals to Dan Cleary.

Edmonton Oilers 

I could imagine the Edmonton Oilers without defence. It’s called the Edmonton Oilers.

Florida Panthers 

Los Angeles Kings 


Minnesota Wild

If some crazy miracle happened and Stamkos came to Minnesota I’d drop out and live under the bleachers at the excel
— Hustin Aouge (@Austin21Houge) June 28, 2016

Fav’d for further reference.

Montréal Canadiens 

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Perron and Ladd fit into the same category as Stamkos. MAYBE IT’S JUST ME.

Nashville Predators 

Secret contracts getting written into the next CBA.

New Jersey Devils


New York Islanders

I just hope your room’s on the first floor.

New York Rangers 

Watch out, roof.

Ottawa Senators

Great move trading Chiasson today because now the Sens have room to bring in Stamkos.
— Mike Wheeler (@TheMikeWheeler) June 28, 2016


Philadelphia Flyers 

Pittsburgh Penguins 

Imagine being a Penguins fan trying to acquire another superstar. Just think about that.

San Jose Sharks 

St. Louis Blues 

Blues Blues Blues. Stamkos to St Louis if a Team in the West. No??

Tampa Bay Lightning

The real reason Stamkos is leaving…

Toronto Maple Leafs

Whatever Stamkos decides I hope he doesn’t drag this out til like August.
— Steve Dangle Glynn (@Steve_Dangle) June 28, 2016

You’re not wrong, Steve.

Vancouver Canucks 

Too much gossip can be costly: The Jim Benning Diaries 

Washington Capitals

Short and sweet.

Winnipeg Jets

College Football Winnipeg seems like an incredibly niche account, considering there’s no college football in Winnipeg.

And lastly, there’s one other place that could reallistically pay (or at least promise to pay) Stamkos NHL money:


Where do you think he ends up?