First Star, Worst Star: February 15, 2015

Updated: January 11, 2018 at 3:12 am by jeanshorts


I hope you all had a great valentines day, filled with love and and happiness, or if you’re anything like me, filled with pizza and self loathing. One thing that will never let you down is First Star, Worst Star! 


I’m one of those people that thinks enforcers are going the way of the Dodo bird, and that overall the NHL will be better off for it. HOWEVER, every once in a while those guys still put on a hell of a show, and boy howdy did Chris Neil and Luke Gazdic bring the people in Canadian Tire Centre to their feet! 

This was about as old-school as fights come now a days. Just two big galoots tossing bombs! 

The Oilers had just went down 4-2 at this point, so Luke Gazdic stepped up, pumped his team up and motivated them to an incredible comeback victory! JUST KIDDING THE SENS SCORED 3 MORE GOALS AFTER AND THE OILERS LOST 7-2! Still one hell of a scrap though! 

And the Sens are also probably super happy about it, since Chris Neil, whose name has been floating around in trade deadline rumors for a while now, ended up breaking his thumb on Gazdic’s titanium face. Good times all around! 

All in all it was a super entertaining fight, and as an Oilers fan this is pretty much the absolute most you can hope for in any game these days. 


It’s been a rough week for Tyler Seguin. First he got caught up in some dumb, non-controversy sparked by a couple of (what I can only assume are) horrible Howard Stern wannabes. (And for the record I think the over the top pearl clutching and the screeches for apologies was by far the stupidest part.) 

THEN he and Benn continued their Ill-Advised-Off-Ice-Activities tour by torturing their poor mothers with a “hilarious” “prank”. 

Finally he ended the week with a trip to the long term IR list thanks to an incredibly questionable hit from Dmitry Kulikov. 

Early reports say he’ll miss between 3 and 6 weeks, which I’m sure is EXACTLY the type of news the Dallas Stars and their fans were hoping to get as the team started to claw their way back into the wild card race. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this season is not unfolding the way the Stars had hoped going in…