Vinny Lecavalier is being paid $1,030.29 an hour to play against the Lightning

Updated: January 11, 2018 at 3:21 am by Cam Lewis


On Monday, the Tampa Bay Lightning are going to head to the Wells Fargo Centre to take on the Flyers, meaning Vinny Lecavalier is going to take on the team he once captained and won a Stanley Cup with before being bought out. Let’s assume this is going to be a clean, quick game that’s over by 10:00 pm ET. In those three hours, Tampa Bay is going to pay Lecavalier roughly $3,090.87 to play against them. 

Vinny was bought out at the end of the 2013 season by the Lightning, so $30 million from his contract is going to be paid to him over 14 years, so 2,143,000 per year. Using an annual salary to hourly salary calculator, he’ll be making: $178,583 per month, $41,212 per month, and the aforementioned $1,030.29 per hour. AND he still makes a salary from the Flyers. (This is if you break down his salary into a standard 40 hour work week format, not a game by game basis.)

In the same game, the Flyers will also be paying Lecavalier (who was 7 goals and 5 assists through 27 games) another $2,163.46 per hour to play for them. This guy is getting money thrown at him from literally every possible angle, so he’s going to be making $3,193.75 an hour to play in this hockey game. I mean, for that price, he could use an hour’s wage to personally fly two people from Tampa Bay to the game, pay for their accommodation, and have money left over for them to rent them a movie, or something. 

Yeesh, imagine if the Flyers buy him out too. 


Sticking with the Flyers, we can’t forget about Ilya Bryzgalov. Bryz received humungous big buyout (is that joke still funny?) at the end of the 2013 season. So, Ed Snider will be paying him $23 million over 14 years, which is: roughly $1,642,000 a year, $136,8333 a month, $31,577 a week and $789.42 an hour. Still, not quite as much as Vinny, but still, humungous big (lol). 

Well, at least these guys are getting paid money to play NHL hockey somewhere. Let’s take a look at the Islanders for a second, I hear they have a history of buyouts. 

Rick DiPietro was also part of the 2013 summer buyout bash, as the Islanders nixed the 15-year, $67.5 million deal they gave him back in 2006 by buying him out and paying him $1.5 million over 15 years. Here we go again. Rick is making $125,000 a month and $721.15 an hour. It honestly looks like he’s making minimum wage compared to the other guys. 


I figured I would save the best for last, because this guy still counts against the Islanders’ cap. Back in 2007, the Islanders bought out the final four years on Alexei Yashin’s 10-year deal worth $87.5 million, which had $17.63 remaining. Yashin’s NHL career is a distant memory. He hasn’t played since he was bought out, but he fumbled around in Russia for a while after. This year marks the final year of the Islanders being on the hook for Yashin’s salary, which is a $2.204 cap hit. 

The best part about Yashin, is his cap hit is bigger than the cap hits of Ryan Strome ($1.713) and Calvin de Haan ($1.500), and it’s only ~$0.500 less than Nick Leddy ($2.700)