First Star, Worst Star: December 7, 2014

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Death, taxes, and the Oilers never winning a game. Some things in life are certain, just like I’m certain that it’s time once again for another edition of First Star, Worst Star. 


When I was growing up I don’t remember them doing this type of thing, but as a full grown man I’m very jealous of these little kids who get to skate around with teams during warm ups. I bet it’s the coolest feeling in the world! Loud music, fans going crazy, skating around with heroes you look up to an admire. Then BAM, a 6’7″ Flames prospect (of course) comes out of nowhere and levels you with a blindside hit! 

You have to admire this kids gumption. He takes his lump, gets right back up and skates it off as if nothing happened. Take a hit to make a play, as Don Cherry has said over 14000 times in my lifetime. I mean, I’m sure he probably lost the ability to do math the next day but it was ALL worth it! 



Look, I don’t want to pile on the guy, but HOLY CRAP BERNIER! For those who missed it Leafs goaltender Jonathan Bernier was in attendance at a Raptors game where they spent the night celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela. When asked about his thoughts on Mandela’s legacy this somehow ended up spilling out of his mouth…

Reporter1 (SportsNet mic): Alright Jonathan, how important is, uh, the legacy of Nelson Mandela to you?
JB: Well obviously he’s been, uh, a tremendous, uh, athlete and you know obviously what, uh, he means to all the sports you know when you know the worl- the world can uh be changed by the sports it’s pretty amazing. And I think he’s definitely uh got a lot of respect in every sports and uh he’s definitely one of the athletes I watched growing up as well.
Reporter1’s mic disappears from frame
Reporter2: Why is it important for you to come show support tonight?
JB: Well I think any good cause is, uh, sorry (he’s apologizing to someone to the left of the screen, not sure who/why), it’s always, uh, you know I love supporting, uh, any kind of cause obviously it’s for the Afri-, in Africa it’s obviously it’s, uh, a great cause, and enjoying, I guess, the basketball game.
Reporter2: Thanks.

That thud you heard was everyone’s jaws dropping to the floor. NOW, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. English is his second language so perhaps he misunderstood what the reporter had asked. And he was also right in that Mandela WAS a tremendous athlete. I mean, they even made a movie about the prominent role Mandela and the South African rugby team played in helping bring South Africa together after the end of apartheid. So perhaps he got his wires crossed a little bit and his thoughts just came out wrong. But HOOY BOOY he does not come out of this looking good at all. 

Thankfully for Bernier he plays for the Leafs so I’m sure it’ll only be a day or two before something insanely trivial and dumb happens to the Leafs that the media will spend weeks dissecting. I CAN’T WAIT!