The Log Off Podcast, Ep.9: “You’re not allowed to talk about the Islanders anymore!”

Updated: January 11, 2018 at 3:45 am by Dimitri Filipovic

“These guys can’t get enough of us.” “I love you Joh–.. I mean, yeah, what’s with that?”

With this quite possibly being our final show before we’re blessed with training camps and preseason hockey to overanalyze, we spent our last thread of downtime parsing through the Over/Under lines for team point totals as set by Bovada.
There certainly appear to be a handful of teams that are either sorely undervalued or overvalued by the oddsmakers. Pounce on that while you still can.

Before closing, we spent some time answering an instructive question from a listener of the show about how you can apply analytics to help sniff out trends that’ll help you draft the best possible fantasy hockey team in the coming weeks.

(Hopefully you’ll note the sound quality is markedly better now than it was even as recently as a few weeks ago. Thanks to those that stuck by us and grinded through all of the static and other nonsense that ran rampant throughout this podcast’s early episodes.)