The Log Off Podcast: “Imagine how good this team would be if you replaced Jack Johnson with Jeff Carter!”

Updated: January 24, 2014 at 3:58 pm by Dimitri Filipovic

“So, Mr.Poile, tell us about that time you got drunk and got all of those unfortunate tattoos..”

Topics covered on today’s edition of the show:

  • The Patrick Marleau/Joe Thornton contract extensions and what does the future holds for the Sharks (Ales Hemsky?)
  • Whose career would you rather have: Marleau’s, or Vincent Lecavalier’s? Is Marleau a Hall of Famer?
  • The Michael Del Zotto/Kevin Klein trade, and the flexibility the Nashville Predators have moving forward
  • The Lumbus Blue Jackets! How legit is their current winning streak? Who can we credit for it?
  • The All-Hipster Team!

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Picks Contest

We explained this in detail around the 28-minute mark or say of today’s show, but here’s the deal. Every Friday we’re going to hold a draft in which we take turns picking the winners of that Saturday’s slate of games. On Monday we’ll recap the results, and the winner will get to pick one game (anytime between Monday-Thursday) which the loser has to watch, and track scoring chances for (which’ll be posted on NHL Numbers). That’s the plan. Here are this week’s picks (in bold):


Boston @ Philadelphia

St.Louis @ New York Islanders

Washington @ Montreal

Colorado @ Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh @ Dallas

New York Rangers @ New Jersey (*)


Ottawa @ Carolina

Toronto @ Winnipeg

Buffalo @ Columbus

Anaheim @ Los Angeles

Minnesota @ San Jose

(*) Cam won the coin toss, and got to pick the extra (outdoor) game on Sunday, as a tiebreaker of sorts.

One final programming note: if you’ve got any questions regarding future episodes, or anything else, feel free to send Cam and Dimitri your questions on Twitter. My email (included below) also works.