Updated: October 8, 2013 at 5:42 pm by Wanye


In the continued effort to move the Nation Network into fantasy gaming and continue raising money for charities at the same time our second game – the ol’ reliable NationDraft player box game – begins today. For only $20 you should totally sign up here!


We have been running this game for a long time and you may have seen it on the Nation Network before. You may have seen it elsewhere too. Perhaps you have even won a game like this somewhere or other.

Well can you do it again? It’s only 20 bucks why not win again rather than living in the past like a former High School Football player who still wears his faded letterman jacket at the age of 43.

Basically you take a look at 4 palyers in a box and decide who is going to be the leading scorer. Who will outscore whom? Ovechkin or Crosby? Eberle vs someone who won’t outscore Eberle?

Think you know? You Sir/Madam are a genius.

Totally sign up here!


If we are asking you to sign up for something for $20 beans obviously you are gonna win some sweet stuff should you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

In this instance we are playing for the following:

1st – $1000 prepaid Visa card

2nd – $500 prepaid Visa card

3rd – $300 prepaid Visa card

4th – $100 prepaid Visa card

5th to 20th – One of The Pint, Oodle Noodle, or iTunes gift cards worth $30

21st to 30th – A NationGear t-shirt in your choice of size

The season will end at the Olympic Break and then the swag will rain down on the winners.

Totally sign up here!


Because a portion of the proceeds of NationDrafts will go to our good friends at Earth Group.

“In 2011, Earth Group donations helped WFP provide nearly 200,000 meals to children in school. It is The Earth Group’s mandate to give 100% of our net profits from the sale of our water, coffee & tea products, to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to support their global fight against hunger through school meal programmes.

‘Earth Group’s support could not have come at a better time for children in Kenya. We are currently reaching 680,500 children with a daily school meal and all the support counts to make a difference in the lives of school children affected by the worst drought in 60 years. Thank you Earth Group for making a difference!’ Rose Ogola, Public Information Officer, WFP Kenya.”

We sell Earth Group water at Oodle Noodle and we try and make donations to this awesome cause as often as we can. So help us out and play NationDrafts, win some dope prizes, help charity and the good karma generated will lead to your favourite team surely winning the Cup this year.

Unless you cheer for the Flames. Ain’t no good karma in the universe gonna help you cats this year.

Totally sign up here!