Updated: September 13, 2013 at 3:01 pm by Wanye


Ever watch a TV show a couple times, decide that it sucks and then get completely shocked when it comes back for a second season? Yeah, StreakCred is exactly like that. Except that it doesn’t suck. It’s super fun. And this time we have a free preseason to get you hooked real nice like see?



For the playoffs we developed our second online hockey game thingy. Rather than picking players, you pick the teams that are going to win their games on any given night. Look at TLN scion Steve Dangle in the video above explaining how it goes. In addition to explaining the game you get to see inside Dangle’s bedroom. 

That’s a double win if ever there was one.

Anyways, we launched the game expecting big things. $20 to play – first prize a trip for 2 to Oktoberfest in Munich. Prizes galore. A portion of the proceeds to charity. What could go wrong right?


It seems that Oilers fans weren’t in the mood to enter a new playoff game given that we were on the outside of the post season looking in for the 1103th season in a row and we had way less entries than planned. Classic.

Those gluttons for punishment that were willing to watch Oilers free playoffs and DID enter the game had a great time. Fans of the Canucks and Leafs enjoyed the game and got to see meaningful playoffs. Flames and Jets fans acted all aloof and confused. But we all yelled at each other on the tweet tweets. We plotted and planned our game play to the Nth degree. It was a grand time.

And so your ol’ pal Wanye decided over the summer to make some tweaks to the game and bring back a new and improved version of StreakCred for the 2013-14 season.


In order to build a mighty crescendo of interest for the start of the regular season of StreakCred we have opened up a free version of the game for the preseason. That’s right – free streakcred. And there are still prizes to be given away – first place will get a hilariously underwhelming Championship Trophy and two hundred dollars. The remainder of the Top Ten will get some sick NationGear. For free.

Then we will launch the regular season version with an avalanche of sweet swag.


Re-read this article as many times as it takes until you think this might be a good way to make a bunch of meaningless pre season games become matters of life and death. Watch the Academy Award winning StreakCred video above for further explanations on game play.

Then head on over to the StreakCred website and sign yourself up. It’s open to anyone, anywhere. And completely free.

And watch your boy Wanye (7 for 7 in Round 2 of playoff StreakCred) soar to the top of the leaderboard.