NHLNumbers in Academia

Updated: August 8, 2013 at 2:20 pm by Josh W



If you’ve been following my few posts here you will know that I am studying Machine Learning for my masters in Computer Science and I am using those techniques and applying them to hockey analytics. I have found some pretty interesting stuff.  Some of my first few posts I wrote here (namely this one and this one) were based off some of my academic research. I have since turned those into an academic paper that was accepted to a Sports Analytics paper.

You can read it: here

The conference it will be presented at is the European Conference for Machine Learning. Specifically at the Sports Analytics and Machine Learning workshop on Friday, 27 September in Prague, Czech Republic.

If you are near Prague at the end of sepember and want to talk shap, drink a Pilzen and check out a local KHL/Czech hockey game, then send me a message via twitter. I will be there for the week.