Updated: June 21, 2013 at 11:53 am by Wanye


Terrible times today for our neighbours down the QEII highway as 100,000 people in 26 communities have been evacuated from their homes due to flooding by recent heavy rains.

Much of downtown Calgary and areas near the Bow River is underwater and there are reports that the Saddledome has been flooded too and that the dressing rooms and the jumbotron have been destroyed.

The Canadian Military has been deployed and the EPS has sent 100 officers to help among efforts currently underway.


Obviously as an Oilers fan we loving giving Calgarians a hard time. But there is no joking around in times like these and anyone looking to help can support the Canadian Red Cross here. Alternatively you can call 1-800-418-1111. Nation HQ has made a donation and we encourage everyone to do the same.

Stay strong Southern Alberta and everyone else affected by this tragedy.