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 Luke DeCock of The News & Observer has the first post lockout doom and gloom article I’ve come across. In his recent article he goes into the potentially negative consequences of the new CBA on the Carolina Hurricanes:

Many of the problems the Hurricanes had with the NHL’s old labor deal remain in the new one. Even though salaries will go down to start, over the course of the deal they’re still being asked to grow revenue at the same pace as their bigger-market brethren.

“The market’s still going to continue to grow, which is going to be helpful,” Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said Thursday. “Hopefully the economy continues to grow. And hopefully our team plays well. You get those three factors, then that makes that road a little smoother. If you don’t get all three, it makes it a little harder. And if you don’t get any, then it becomes a little more unrealistic, maybe very, very difficult.”

He goes on to discuss the fact that the Hurricanes, like every NHL team, will also lose out on broadcast and licensing revenue in “make whole” payments.

It isn’t all bad though. He goes into some of the benefits to the Hurricanes (and other teams):

Restrictions on contract length and structure should help the Hurricanes by making it more difficult for high-payroll teams to sign and retain players, while the new ability of teams to retain portions of salaries in trades should open up new trade possibilities.

…..The Hurricanes should still get about $12 million per season [in revenue sharing], but Rutherford said the team will have to raise ticket prices in the near future to meet the NHL’s gate-receipt targets.

Over the next few years we’ll see how things go. More links after the jump.

* Arctic Ice Hockey went through Rob Vollman’s data to find the best playmakers on the Winnipeg Jets.

* The Red Wings are the latest team to release a statement to fans apologizing for the lockout.

* Chris Pronger is unlikely to ever play again according to his brother, Sean. (via Broad Street Hockey).

* The Anaheim Ducks have hired Scott Niedermayer as an assistant coach.

* Ryan Wagman at Hockey Prospectus posted a reaction to the firing of Brian Burke.

 Happy Friday. Prepare to be overloaded with news as training camps open this weekend. It’s a wonderful problem to have, indeed.

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