Best of the Nation – 12.9.12

Updated: December 9, 2012 at 8:59 am by Jonathan Willis

Lots of interesting stuff across the Nation websites this week, including an exclusive interview with an NHL head coach, 2013 Draft talk, a look at how goalies perform as they age, and obligatory stuff on the NHL lockout. Read more, after the jump!

The bit where Flames Nation interviews Calgary’s head coach. An exclusive interview! With Bob Hartley! [Flames Nation]

How goalies age. A recent study suggests that goaltending performance does not appreciably decline as net-minders get into their 30’s. Eric T. looks into it and… no, they get worse as they get older. [NHL Numbers]

These are the days… of our NHL. Two facts: first, the dueling press conferences the other night had soap opera vibe going on, and second Jason Gregor knows this because he once had a secret passion for “Days of Our Lives.” I know. It threw me, too. [Oilers Nation]

Should the NHL be worried about the “casual fan”? Will the lockout significantly damage support for the NHL among less rabid fans? [Leafs Nation]

Top-10 for the 2013 NHL Draft. Lowetide gives us an early look at his top-10 list for this summer’s Entry Draft. [Oilers Nation]

The Silent Majority? Would the majority of the NHLPA’s membership vote to accept the league’s last offer? [Oilers Nation]

The audacity of hope. Our brave founder, Mr. Wanye Gretz, considers whether it’s best to consider this current NHL lockout with the cold, emotionless stoicism of a robot, or rather to live and die with each brief, quickly crushed glimmer, of hope. [Oilers Nation]

Two minutes of hate: Canadian dollar edition. Where a Calgary fan ranges against our country’s currency for being low in the 1990’s, forcing an exodus of expensive talent. Of course, it still beats what happened in Winnipeg and Quebec City. [Flames Nation]

Month of giving. A great initiative to raise money for charity, as well as auction off a bunch of cool prizes. [Oilers Nation]

Joe Colborne. Joe Colborne, the 16th overall pick in 2008, was a big-name prospect when Toronto landed him in trade from Boston (it’s possible that he was perhaps overhyped on arrival). Now, as he approaches his 23rd birthday, he finds himself an occasional healthy scratch and is stuck on just one goal in 18 AHL games this season. What’s up with that? [Leafs Nation/Leafs Nation]

Hockey refresher. Imagine: the lockout is over. What would you like to see the NHL do when it comes back? [Oilers Nation]

Farewell, Cam Davie. Cam Davie (also known as “Tinfoil Tuque”) is leaving blogging for things like “family” and “a real job.” He’s been a key part of Canucks Army for better than three years now; we wish him the very best. [Canucks Army]

And finally, Graphic Comments:

Get the full, “Meetings, bloody meetings” post at Canucks Army.