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The decertification talk has begun for the NHLPA. Among those talking about decertification is Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller. His comments appeared in The Globe and Mail in a James Mirtle piece. He talks about how the NHLPA needs to push back against the NHL:

“It seems like the players in any league are going to be subjected to the same scripted labour dispute developed by [NHL and NBA law firm] Proskauer Rose in all collective bargaining discussions now and in the future. Decertification becomes part of the script because Gary Bettman and the owners are trying to get a sense of how far they can push us and at some point we have to say ‘enough.’

“They want to see if we will take a bad deal because we get desperate or if we have the strength to push back. Decertification is a push back and should show we want a negotiation and a fair deal on at least some of our terms.”

He makes good points, but I have a hard time taking this so-called American seriously when he spells labor with a u. Different angles on the decertification debate, Herschel Walker, and some stats related articles are after the jump.

* Nick Kypreos waxes apocalyptic about decertification.

* Cam Charron writes about VORP, longevity, Roberto Luongo, and Henrik Sedin

* At Flames Nation Kent Wilson asks how good Leland Irving is.

* At Pierre Page is quoted extensively saying that Eric Lindros was his Herschel Walker. Among the interesting tidbits is this that I never knew:

Page said he closed a deal with the Rangers and Smith for a package that included goaltender John Vanbiesbrouck, center Doug Weight, forwards Alexei Kovalev, and Tony Amonte, three first-round draft picks and $15 million in cash.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Page, Aubut had closed a deal with the Flyers an hour or two earlier for a package that included forwards center Peter Forsberg, forwards Mike Ricci, and Chris Simon, defensemen Steve Duchesne and Kerry Huffman, goaltender Ron Hextall, a first-round draft pick and $15 million — a trade Page previously coveted, but was led to believe was dead.

They aren’t going to complain about the haul they ended up getting, but that Rangers package is pretty salty.

*Finally today Tyler Dellow dove head first into the decertification issue. He expounds on one of the great problems facing the NHLPA as they discuss decertification:

In other words, it seems to me that a decertification threat, followed by a CBA within the next couple weeks is great in terms of getting hockey back on the ice but doesn’t do anything to solve the players’ larger problems: when next time comes, they’ll be asked to take less, regardless of how the league does between now and then. Making a deal now does not solve the basic problem: hockey’s done really well for the last seven years and the owners want to pay them less and limit their rights. I think they’ll end up making a deal, because they’re reasonably close, and I can’t tell guys with short windows to make millions of dollars that they’re wrong to pass on uncertainty and grasp the golden ring, but they should be clear what they’re doing: the only way to ensure that the NHL doesn’t just do this again in five years or so is by pursuing the decertification angle and being successful in doing so. Otherwise, this will just happen again.

The never-ending cycle continues. Speaking of never-ending cycles, Number Chains will be back again tomorrow. See you then.

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