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Welcome to edition number 14 of the rebooted Number Chains. In this space you will be able to find the best analytical hockey writing from around the internet on a close-to-daily basis. Subject matter will include statistical evaluation, financial analysis, contractual issues, and (sometimes) closely-related tangential works. If you have something you would like to submit for a future edition (your writing or that of someone else) feel free to send it to me via Twitter @JoshL1220 or leave a comment.

In this Thanksgiving edition of Number Chains we salute Matt Duchene for dumping on every one of his teammates in Sweden except Joel Lundqvist. Adrian Dater pulled these quotes:

“Joel Lundqvist is a perfect example. He always works his ass off. Everyone should do that. But I’m not so sure everyone gets that. We just can’t play this bad. It is so poor. We were getting booed by our own fans, it’s unacceptable. They pay a lot of money to watch us and it’s not fair of us to play so bad.”

“If this was in the NHL, five players would be sent down to the minors after a game like this. But here, players are too comfortable. There are 33 million Canadians that would sacrifice an arm to play hockey at this level.”

Harrison Mooney went on to point out something fairly depressing in response at Puck Daddy:

Strong words from Duchene, who is one of the youngest guys on his team. Granted, age ain’t nothing but a number in Colorado. Heck, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was released two days before their captain was born.

I’m officially old. All the lockout news you can handle is after the jump.

* Tom Tango wrote about contracts for young players at His final conclusion:

Reading that article, I just don’t see how they can’t have a deal already.  It’s really very strange.

 Yeah, Tom. You know why.

* Josh Cooper of The Tennessean spoke with Vanderbilt economics professor John Vrooman about the impact of the lockout and, particularly, the impact on Nashville (via Kukla’s Korner).

* Tal Pinchevsky of answers the question, “What the hell is supposed to write about during a lockout when they’re ignoring the lockout?”. The answer: make your next hockey road trip a memorable one.

* Jonathan Willis discusses the career probabilities of Tyler Pitlick. He also took the time to ask if the Oilers should have waited to bust out mega deals for their young stars.

* Kent Wilson gives us a November NHLe update for Flames prospects.

* Kevin McGran lists all the common ground the NHL and NHLPA have in this lockout.

* James Mirtle talks about the possibility of the NHLPA decertifying.

* Finally today, TSN publshed the NHLPA memo outlining their proposal to the league. It’s amazing that TSN was able to get such a memo so quickly. It’s almost like someone is trying to show the world what they offered. Weird. The most annoying take away from the memo is that the two sides are 182 million dollars apart over five years in the NHLPA’s view. Or, they’re 1.2 million per team per year apart. Here’s an idea: sell and move the Coyotes to somewhere that will allow them to not be a sunk cost next year. Consider that free advice, Gary.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans, and happy Thursday to everyone else.

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