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Updated: November 16, 2012 at 3:35 pm by Josh L.

This new, regular feature on NHLNumbers will share interesting stats-related posts from around the web almost every day.

Welcome to edition number eleven of the rebooted Number Chains. In this space you will be able to find the best analytical hockey writing from around the internet on a close-to-daily basis. Subject matter will include statistical evaluation, financial analysis, contractual issues, and (sometimes) closely-related tangential works. If you have something you would like to submit for a future edition (your writing or that of someone else) feel free to send it to me via Twitter @JoshL1220 or leave a comment.

As the lockout drags on we have more and more lockout-related posts. I’m doing what I can to fill this space with as few lockout posts as reasonably possible. If you want to see more lockout posts feel free to let me know. With that being said, here is the least surprising story to come out of the lockout. NBA Commisioner David Stern fully supports his protege Gary Bettman:

A year after a lockout that delayed the start of the season to Dec. 25, Stern was critical of hockey union head Donald Fehr for his side’s negotiating stance in the current NHL lockout. Fehr said that sports with salary caps are more prone to lockouts because of their labor structure.

Stern disagreed and said the 50-50 sharing arrangement agreed to by the NFL and NBA, and proposed by NHL owners, was fair.

“They have no choice but to stand and protect such business model as will be left when the negotiations finish,” he said.

After the jump a weeks worth of statistical goodness can be found.

* Tyler Dellow discuses the superiority of the European sports system.

* Justin Azevedo of Flames Nation tells you why Chris Butler is worth more than you would otherwise think.

* At Buzzing The Net, Cam Charron looks at CHL attendance in NHL cities during the lockout.

* Kent Wilson took a closer look at the start of the Abbotsford Heat.

* Dominik at Lighthouse Hockey wrote about the difference having a role has made for Nino Niederreiter in the AHL.

* At Hockey Prospectus, Corey Pronman gives his thoughts on several prospects currently playing in the AHL.

* Dirk Hoag at On The Forecheck discussed the benefits to the Nashville Predators of improved revenue sharing.

* Adam Proteau asked what the legacy of this current group of NHL owners will be at The Hockey News. Among the owners he questioned is Mario Lemieux:

And what about you, Mario Lemieux? You’ve been your typically Sphinx-like self throughout this lockout, but you’re as beloved a hockey figure there is in today’s NHL because you’ve demonstrated your passion for the game time and again. But how will your legacy change if, say, the entire season is kiboshed, Sidney Crosby goes overseas to play and suffers a career-ending concussion? Suddenly, you’re attached to No. 87’s life story in a way that does not reflect well on you. Suddenly, you’ve lost your marquee attraction and the torch-carrier for the league.

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