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The NHL and NHLPA met for several hours on Tuesday and have further meeting scheduled for today. The rumor floating out there is the hope for hockey by December first. In the mean time, Mike Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune looked at the potential perks the NHLPA could receive in the next CBA. Among the perks are the following:

1) Joint NHL/NHLPA Health and Safety Committee with equal representation by the league and union;

2) Establishment of a “standard of care” and “primary allegiance” obligations between the team medical staff and players (this is directly due to the tragic Derek Boogaard situation that remains ongoing);

3) Offseason rehab activities would no longer be required in the team’s home city;

4) Players have access to second medical opinions at the club expense;

Thanks to Puck Daddy for digging up that link. These are obviously not the sticking points keeping us from having hockey, but they’re interesting nonetheless. The emphasis on player safety comes through again in spades. The players are obviously conscious of the concussion problem, and it’s interesting to see the role they want the NHL to play in their health. These perks also won’t be free, and I wonder how much impact the inclusion of these perks has had on the other negotiations. I imagine the owners would like these expenses to be counted as part of HHR.

After the jump we have some statistical goodness from Kent Wilson and Jonathan Willis, another crazy proposal by Jesse Spector, and other nuggest of hockey fun.

* Derek Sanderson spoke about his life with Sports Illustrated prior to the release of his book. Needless to say, if you picked up the nickname “The Turk” in the politically incorrect 60’s and 70’s….you might have some amusing stories to tell. 

* Kent Wilson looks at the NHL Equivalence of the Allsvenskan this season with an emphasis on Mikael Backlund.

* Bruce Garrioch explores the role of NBC in the labor negotiations.

* Jonathan Willis discussed beast-mode Teemu Hartikainen and his nine points in ten games playing with Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in Oklahoma City.

* Jesse Spector proposes abolishing the salary floor as a way to save small market teams from destruction.

* Chris Lund at Backhand Shelf makes a case for Eric Lindros as a hall of famer. I wonder if he’ll wear this jersey to his induction.

Image Credit: Fort Worth Star Telegram

* Cam Charron talks about Nate Silver’s big night, baseball, and hockey. Oh, and #fancystats. Go fancystats, go USA, and congrats President Obama.

That does it for Wednesday. Hopefully we’ll have good lockout news to discuss tomorrow.

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