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This page is devoted to articles that touch on goaltending. This will include save percentage, team effects, aging profiles, and other things that relate to evaluating goalies.

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Title – Prospects and aging
Author Date Site Description
Laraque, Cloutier, Firing JFJ, Alex Auld and trading within your conference Tyler Dellow 7/7/2006 mc79hockey AHL and NHL success are closely linked
The trouble with drafting goaltenders Kent Wilson 8/14/2008 Five Hole Fanatics Argument against drafting G: hard to project, limited prospect slots
Projecting goalie performance Bruce McCurdy 10/21/2008 Copper & Blue What age do goalies make AHL-to-NHL leap? What was AHL Sv%?
The impossibility of projecting goaltenders Hawerchuk 6/1/2009 Hockey Prospectus The impact of variance on identifying goalie prospects
Goalies in the first round The Contrarian Goaltender 6/21/2009 Brodeur is a Fraud Success rate for drafting goalie in each round
Fooled by randomness: Goaltender save percentage Hawerchuk 4/20/2010 Arctic Ice Hockey How long it takes to get accurate idea of goalie skill
How do goalies age part II David Johnson 4/28/2010 Hockey Analysis Sv% over league average vs age
Goaltender save percentage by age Hawerchuk 4/28/2010 Arctic Ice Hockey How save percentage changes with age
Johan Backlund: Quality behind Phantom defense Geoff Detweiler 6/4/2010 Broad Street Hockey What constitutes a quality start in the AHL
The importance of a goalie’s first 15 games Hawerchuk 2/23/2011 Arctic Ice Hockey Start of career doesn’t predict skill, but impacts career length
Judging goalies: Should we include PK save percentage? Eric T. 1/25/2012 Broad Street Hockey Goalies’ future career is best modeled with career EV Sv%
Aging goalies: What does the future hold for Luongo, Miller & Bryzgalov? JaredL 4/30/2012 Copper & Blue Aging curve: when goalies move from starter to backup to done
AHL to NHL translations: Save percentage Stephan Cooper 7/11/2012 Habs Eyes on the Prize Comparison of AHL and NHL sv% and difficulty of projection
Looking at AHL goaltenders vs NHL players Rob Pettapiece 7/16/2012 NHL Numbers Calculating prospects’ sv% vs shooters who are future NHLers


Title – Valuation Author Date Site Description
Testing Ken Holland Jonathan Willis 7/26/2009 Copper & Blue Many middling goalies are undervalued and poor ones overvalued
A basic goaltending model Gabriel Desjardins 10/7/2009 Puck Prospectus Calculating wins above replacement
Are expensive goaltenders worth the money? Hawerchuk 3/8/2010 Arctic Ice Hockey Calculating wins above replacement and value of top goalies
Goaltender salary per win 2000-01 to 2009-10 Hawerchuk 7/7/2010 Arctic Ice Hockey Fraction of payroll allocated to goaltending is shrinking
What do NHL GMs think is replacement-level goaltending? Hawerchuk 2/24/2011 Arctic Ice Hockey Estimating replacement-level goaltending from standings
Do you get what you pay for? Eric T. 7/5/2011 Broad Street Hockey Single-season EV sv% completely unlinked to cap hit
Can Rinne earn all that money? JaredL 11/15/2011 Driving Play Price per win calculation for goalies
How efficient is the NHL goaltending market? Hawerchuk 7/4/2012 NHL Numbers Second-tier goalies are a bargain, but tougher to evaluate


Title – Team effects
Author Date Site Description
Changes in save percentage as time elapses from past shot Tyler Dellow 2/19/2006 mc79hockey Showing how much lower sv% is for rebounds
Does save percentage fall as time elapses? Tyler Dellow 2/21/2006 mc79hockey Going a long time between shots has no effect on sv%
Shots attempts against The Contrarian Goaltender 11/17/2008 Brodeur is a Fraud No relationship between team shots against and sv%
The ‘shot quality’ fantasy Vic Ferrari 7/24/2009 Irreverent Oiler Fans Sv% when a goalie changes teams is no larger than variance
Even-strength goaltender shot quality since the lockout Hawerchuk 10/10/2009 Arctic Ice Hockey Multiyear expected and actual save percentages
The win threshold The Contrarian Goaltender 10/10/2009 Brodeur is a Fraud Calculating team impact on goalie wins
Shot distribution by game state Scott Reynolds 1/3/2010 Copper & Blue How many PK shots did each goalie face
Is it possible to determine goaltender true talent on the PK? Hawerchuk 3/5/2010 Arctic Ice Hockey Two years of PK Sv% data has essentially zero predictive value
How much skill is there in goaltending? Tom Awad 5/7/2010 Hockey Prospectus In 3-yr total EV Sv%, see mostly luck, some skill, no shot quality
DIGR: A defense independent rating of NHL goaltenders using spatially smoothed save percentage maps Michael Schuckers 3/4/2011 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Adjusting sv% for shot location
Team effects and even strength save percentage JLikens 5/10/2011 Objective NHL Two ways of looking for team effect in EV sv% give split decision
Team effects and penalty kill save percentage JLikens 5/10/2011 Objective NHL Two ways of looking for team effect in PK sv% give split decision
Zone start effects on goalie save percentage David Johnson 4/26/2012 Hockey Analysis Impact of faceoffs on goalie save percentage


Title – On goaltending
Author Date Site Description
Goalie fatigue The Contrarian Goaltender 8/19/2008 Brodeur is a Fraud Goalies show no sign of fatigue until perhaps 70+ games
Save percentage vs league average The Contrarian Goaltender 10/2/2008 Brodeur is a Fraud Comparing sv% to league average to combat era effects
Estimating Brodeur’s shot prevention The Contrarian Goaltender 10/30/2008 Brodeur is a Fraud Elite puckhandling might be worth a shot per game
Howe and why Robert Vollman 3/25/2009 Hockey Prospectus Defining quality starts
The value of rebound control The Contrarian Goaltender 4/21/2009 Brodeur is a Fraud Arguing that rebounds are a minor factor in goalie value
Yet another angle on Khabibulin Tyler Dellow 7/25/2009 mc79hockey Given >5000 shots, past sv% models future sv% reasonably well
Do goalies wear down from playing too many games? Jonathan Willis 9/14/2009 Backhand Shelf No end-of-season dip for goalies with a lot of games played
Why goalie equipment was not responsible for the scoring drop The Contrarian Goaltender 11/15/2009 Brodeur is a Fraud Goaltender equipment a minor factor in rising sv%
Clutch play The Contrarian Goaltender 12/2/2009 Brodeur is a Fraud Laying out the argument that clutch play is a tiny factor
Changing goalies = shuffling the deck chairs? Hawerchuk 5/31/2010 Arctic Ice Hockey Goal differential is worse after a goalie change than without one
Goaltender talent Hawerchuk 9/16/2010 Arctic Ice Hockey How much of observed difference between goalies is due to luck
Ilya Bryzgalov and the shootout Eric T. 2/10/2012 Broad Street Hockey No relationship between sv% and shootout sv%
Do goaltenders really get in a rhythm? Eric T. 2/21/2012 Broad Street Hockey Tracking sv% versus consecutive games played
NHL average save percentages still on the rise Derek Zona 4/23/2012 Copper & Blue Charting EV sv% since the lockout
Replacement level goaltending in the NHL Scott Reynolds 5/1/2012 Copper & Blue Replacement goalie sv% has been rising sharply
What should we expect from NHL goaltenders? Bruce Peter 5/10/2012 Habs Eyes on the Prize Average performance of starter, platoon, backup, replacement
The myth of the hot goalie: Consistent goaltenders vs. inconsistent goaltenders Eric T. 5/11/2012 NHL Numbers Goalie streaks very closely match a coin-flipping model
Tender touches: An attempt to measure Martin Brodeur’s puckhandling impact Bruce McCurdy 5/25/2012 Cult of Hockey Tracking goalie puckhandling
Jonathan Quick – not good high stick side? Hawerchuk 6/7/2012 Arctic Ice Hockey League-avg sv% for shots aimed at each quadrant of goal
Why are goalie save percentages rising? Eric T. 10/9/2012 NHL Numbers Rise in EV sv% is mostly from better crop of incoming goalies