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Updated: October 31, 2012 at 11:32 am by Josh L.

This new, regular feature on NHLNumbers will share interesting stats-related posts from around the web almost every day.

Welcome to edition number five of the rebooted Number Chains. In this space you will be able to find the best analytical hockey writing from around the internet on a close-to-daily basis. Subject matter will include statistical evaluation, financial analysis, contractual issues, and (sometimes) closely-related tangential works. If you have something you would like to submit for a future edition (your writing or that of someone else) feel free to send it to me via Twitter @JoshL1220 or leave a comment.

Happy Halloween. Our semi-daily look at analytical hockey writing begins with a week old piece from draglikepull at Pension Plan Puppets. The post analyzes the negotiating tactics of Gary Bettman in his negotiations with the CBC during the last Hockey Night In Canada negotiations and compares the situation to that of the current lockout. His ultimate conclusion is somewhat comforting, if not frustrating:

This is how Bettman negotiates: he always acts like he’s prepared to walk away right until the final possible moment. Even if he knows he’s prepared to make concessions he fights to gain more anyway because it’s always worth the shot that the other side will cave. But in the HNIC negotiations with the CBC, Bettman came down on the asking price of the deal and gave in on most of the tertiary considerations. And that’s a lot like what the NHL’s CBA negotiations are looking like right now too. I think there will be a deal in place before November is done. We’ll likely have NHL hockey by December.

 The last part seems questionable at this point, but the meat of the article gives enlightening perspective to this entire charade. More lockout news, statistical analysis, and laughing at Houston after the jump.

* Puck Daddy brings us two posts today. The first is a further evidence that the city of Houston should never get a hockey team. They apparently stop selling beer at Aeros games after the third period so no one will have alcohol with them during the fourth period. Interesting strategy, for sure. Puck Daddy also got NHL fans to complain about the lockout in full force. What we learned is that Puck Daddy readers are both very artistic with pumpkins and wordy.

*On Tuesday the players received their escrow checks for last season.The payments breakdown as such:

The escrow payments amount to about $80,000 for every million dollars a player earned—before deductions. For example, New York Rangers forward Brad Richards grossed approximately $960,000 after being the league’s highest-paid player last season.

* Rob Vollman published his final piece projecting points for the Maple Leafs at The Leafs Nation.

* Corey Pronman’s latest at Hockey Prospectus lists the top 50 players under the age of 23.

* Finally Jesse Spector considers the seemingly crazy idea that a rebel league could spring up during the lockout made of actual NHL teams rebelling against the NHL. It’s pretty long, but well worth your time. 


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