NHLNumbers Podcast – Relaunch Epsiode 1

Updated: May 10, 2012 at 4:32 pm by NHLnumbers Podcast



Although we have more than a few NHLNumbers podcasts already under our belts, today we reveal the NN podcast relaunch created and produced by the good folks of Driving Play. This will become a regular feature here at NHLNumbers, so feel free to have a listen and share some of your comments, complaints, criticisms and, of course, lavish praise.


The Whole show.

Segment 1

Part 1 features former blogger and current G&M Leafs beat writer James Mirtle. Topics include new Habs GM Marc Bergervin, potential Luongo destinations, the Phoenix situation and how the playoffs are shaping up.

Segment 2

Corey Pronman is guest #2. He shares his approach to scouting, including what qualities and stats he values. What the Oilers should do with the first overall pick is discussed, as well as the potential for some trades near the top of the draft this June.