NHLNumbers Podcast Episode 2

Updated: November 16, 2011 at 11:01 am by NHLnumbers Podcast


The second iteration of the NHLNumbers Podcast features the regular crew from episode one (myself, Jon Willis and Justin Azevedo) as well as Gabriel Desjardins of behindthenet.ca and Arctic Ice Hockey fame. Gabe is one of the best minds in the world and pioneer when it comes to advanced hockey analysis so we were thrilled he was able to appear for the whole show.

Segment 1

In part 1 we discuss corsi, zone starts and PDO. What are these strange stats? Do they really have value? Why the odd names??

Segment 2

Quality of competition and shot quality are the mains topics in part 2. We also get into some of the short-comings and weaknesses of current quantitative analysis.

Segment 3

In part 3 we consider the problems surrounding predicting and valuing goaltending in the NHL. The recent massive contract of Pekka Rinne is the focus.

Whole thing

Justin Azevedo can be found at Matchsicks and Gasoline. Jonathan Willis writes for the Nations, Hockey Prospectus and the Cult of Hockey. Follow Gabe on twitter @behindthenet.